Photo from Wikipedia. And the drakes on average weight about 3 kg. And a black, solid brown or even a blue grey-body. Average body weight of this duck breed is about 2.5 kg. When in civilian attire, he wears a salmon collar shirt and a green vest over it. Uses. c This is the recessive white allele. The Pekin or White Pekin is an American breed of domestic duck, raised primarily for meat. This allele is the one that turns ducks white. It is a mallard derived from birds brought to the United States from China in the nineteenth century, and is now bred in many parts of the world. Darkwing's costume consists of a gray fedora with an oversized brim and black band, a mask, a cape, and a long-sleeved coat over a turtleneck. Some farmers described the Duclair duck as a ‘classic manky Mallard‘ that has a green head and white bibs. This is the wild type not-white allele. It's dominant, so a duck with one copy of this gene will not be white. The mottled brown female mallard looks … They might carry white, or be homozygous for C+, but either way, they will not be white. Darkwing is a short mallard duck with white feathers, a large forehead, and orange bill and webbed feet. The male mallard duck, called a drake, sports a glossy green head, a white ring around its neck and a rich, chestnut-brown breast. It's recessive, so a duck must have two copies of it to be white. The Duclair duck is a dual purpose breed.

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