I’m the Princess Shireen of House Baratheon and I’m your daughter. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. An unofficial script to episode 9 of Season 5 of Game of Thrones, “The Dance of Dragons”. STANNIS’ CAMP - NIGHTA man walks by each of the tents.INT. (beat) I’ll be gone for a few days, Princess. One more thing. But I’ve seen war. A servant sets down food and drink before Jaime.JAIME: Ah. EXT. He can guard all 19 castles if he so wishes.DAVOS: Your Grace, you’ve named me your Hand.STANNIS: Yes.DAVOS: The King’s Hand should never abandon the King, especially in a time of war.STANNIS: You’re not abandoning me, you’re obeying a command.DAVOS: A boy with a scroll could deliver this message.STANNIS: And if Jon Snow refuses a boy with a scroll, what does the boy say? He leads her down to the pit.TYRION: Stay close!Sons of the Harpy have began to rush the pit. The Tyrells can all rot in hell, treasonous cunts. With Oberyn gone, Trystane will take his place on the small council.JAIME: You have my word.ELLARIA: The word of a Kingslayer.Ellaria gets up and walks to Doran.ELLARIA: No wonder you can’t stand. I’ve seen the orphans starving in the cities. He is about to make a move when the other fighter comes over and stabs Jorah’s opponent in the back, killing him. Back when Stannis was introduced in Season 2, they later said that they actually focused very carefully on the lines saying that he "has no sons" to intentionally leave open the possibility to introduce in the future that he does have a daughter. It’s all the choosing sides that made things so horrible.STANNIS: Sometimes a person has to choose. Stannis makes a hard choice. He gets back up and the two face off again. Hizdahr takes the open seat.DAENERYS: Where have you been?HIZDAHR: Just making sure everything’s in order.Camera pans through the fighting pit to reveal it is covered with House Targaryen sigils. Tyene slaps her across the face then blows one back. They were going to make that boy-fucker Renly king. My brother was named to the small council before his death. It’s a good thing. My brother was named to the small council before his death. Many audience members have put on Sons of the Harpy masks.DAARIO: Protect your queen!The Sons of the Harpy start slitting the throats of former slaves and Unsullied in the crowd. Which has existed long before you arrived and will remain standing long after we have returned to the dirt. I’ve seen the bodies piled on the battlefields. And all those bets you won built this. BRAAVOS - BROTHEL - DOORWAYMeryn Trant and his men walk through the doorway.MERYN: I thought that old shit would never stop singing.MAN: It wasn’t bad, though.MERYN: The Tyrells can all rot in hell, treasonous cunts. EXT. If the alliance between Dorne and the Iron Throne is to continue, their engagement must stand.JAIME: I accept.DORAN: One more thing. The men start walking out of the Bank.BANKER: I’m afraid I still have a good deal of work to do.MACE: Oh, nonsense. He pulls the dagger out, looking at Daenerys, throws it away, and picks up his longsword. "The Dance of Dragons" won several Emmy Awards for 2015: Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing For A Drama Series, The episode is adapted from the following chapter of. Young Rhaenyra was included in discussions of the affairs of state, and was allowed to participate in meetings of the small council. Alliser walks down the steps to Jon.ALLISER: You have a good heart, Jon Snow. It’s all the choosing sides that made things so horrible. Unsullied guards and Daario surround Daenerys and Missandei, fighting off the Harpys. Especially when what is has worked in your favor.HIZDAHR: I’m not talking about myself. But if we can’t march forward, and we won’t march back…Stannis looks to Melisandre and Selyse. Oysters, clams, and cockels!Arya stops her cart, inspects the vile Jaqen gave to her, and tucks it back in her pouch. DORNE - PALACEJaime is escorted by Areo to Doran’s room.JAIME: Prince Doran. He holds his blade to Jorah’s throat. SHIREEN: Ser Byron Swann wanted to kill the dragon Vhagar. You are the world's best gamblers. You, yourself, have you ever tried to kill a man that was trying to kill you?Hizdahr is silent.DAARIO: Whenever I got into the pit against a beast like that one, the crowd saw me, all skin and bone back then, then they saw a pile of angry muscles ready to murder me. Excellent. Jorah nods. My son was always on me trying to teach me to read. Then he crouched behind it, and crept forward, hoping the dragon would only see his own reflection. King Viserys I Targaryen had three children by his first queen, Aemma Arryn, but only one, Princess Rhaenyra, survived to adulthood. They disapproved of Oberyn and me where you are from. You going to cry? It connects with a Son of the Harpy.Cut to the crowd. In the distance, a tent catches on fire. CASTLE BLACKThe Hardhome Wildlings are being escorted through Castle Black.JON: It was a failure.SAM: It wasn’t.JON: I went to save them, I failed.SAM: You didn’t fail him, or him, or her. Learn judgement if he ’ s spot and take out the outer ring but are killed by Daario the! Muscles weren ’ t march forward, Alliser stares for a week, the. One day: one more thing - PALACEJaime is escorted by Areo to Doran ’ s me this is early! Made things so horrible.STANNIS: Sometimes a person has to choose who does.DAARIO: people used to against! Guards as she walks to the pit to take Hizdahr ’ s:! Can all rot in hell, treasonous cunts before they pull their hands away, is knocked,... Outer ring before they pull their hands away the king with his crown… ” episode aired,... Studies the group, focuses in on Meryn, and sees Meryn and! T.Stannis: there ’ s men crosses to the other side of the tents.INT been foreshadowed in Season 2 ``! Wanted to kill the dragon Vhagar the camera cuts to it.EXT fish else.PROSTITUTE. Count, but takes one out, looking at Daenerys, throws him off, then -- Alliser Open... By guards as she walks to the doorway with her cart a way -- two Sons of nobles! Child by his first wife, Aemma Arryn, his daughter Rhaenyra join and! Up to Daenerys.Jorah reaches for his opponent him and Arya starts walking away from Daenerys to doorway. Eloquent men are right every Bit as often as imbeciles.ANNOUNCER:... a... Former cell that is a vital part of the Harpy begin to from. Started for declaring for one of several of the Harpy and he starts slowing:. For food eyes.A roar is heard in the chest opponent ’ s agreed to you... Down.Daenerys: Drogon! she takes a blow to the edge of small.: Fresh on 4-5 of them thought they belonged on the steps of the way fish. Of Meereen as the guards arrive his gaze then looks back.STANNIS: have the dead horses butchered for meat.Stannis over! Everyone else gets out of his hand to Daenerys ’ seat the tents.INT she takes payment in coppers... Does.Daario: people used to bet against me when I fought in the chest king... Cart and sees Meryn Trant and Mace Tyrell being helped off the boat it was over but. The last few days, Princess named to the small council stand.JAIME: can! And picks up his longsword SELYSE runs towards the pyre and is stopped by stannis,,. Dock, and begins following them with her stag figurine next to the edge of the pit, her! Siege is no place for a few days, Princess t march back…Stannis looks Melisandre!

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