I tried it your way last night and not one grain was left and everyone was happy. when you cook spaghetti, if the heat is too high the whole thing My Mom used an electric rice cooker, my MIL uses the pressure cooker, and I used the Lekue Microwave rice cooker that my sister gave me. haha! I ALSO LIKE TO ADD A SPRINKLING OF DRIED HERBS TOO – OREGANO, BASIL, THYME – TO THE BROTH BEFORE COOKING. In this case, a small 800W / 0.7 cu. Measure 1 cup white rice. And how long would you microwave it for ? I always buy Minute Rice & I wanted to try something different. The last time, make sure you pour as AS MUCH WATER AS POSSIBLE (without losing any rice grains down the drain!) I rinse the rice and use 1 cup rice to 1 3/4 cup water, a little less water if I’m going to use it in a stir- fry. Deff going to buy one of these magical devices (;; w ;; ), Hi Kara! I can only think that your wattage on your microwave is lower than 1000watt i.e. A wide container and a narrow container will completely change the ratio of water and rice. Dude you are cooking with plastic in the microwave?… Just watch the movie “Bag It”. (^v^). Steamy Kitchen is our family blog. your lid is on too tight without ventilation. thanks for this tip! for 4 inch diameter 12.57 cubic inches. If use a 1/2 cup rice I still use i inch water rule? I wish I read more clearly this post before I tried my 1st attempt! i bought korean brand brown rice which was 50% hulled. I never cook rice on the stovetop anymore. I’m from Jamaica and this is how my mom taught me how to cook rice on the stove. The first time you cook the rice you will just have to guess at the cook time. In fact any bowl that is suitable for microwave cooking is fine. I’d love to see you do a post on brown rice like you mentioned. Discovered Steamy Kitchen while, rather desperately, searching for a source for a replacement Nordic Ware plastic rice cooker. Even if it doesn’t fit perfectly, it’s fine. Fasten lid onto Rice Cooker and let stand 3-4 minutes. ! Kristo – You should try it before stating it makes no sense. I always do when I cook it on the stove. Hi Lisa my name is David. As a thank you for signing up, we’ll email you a one-time code for *$20 off your next order of $85 or more on www.nordicware.com, plus free shipping! I only hav half of my microwave rice cooker and I wanted a large amount. I discovered your website because I was searching for a way to cook brown rice in the microwave. jaden, In the other hand, she put above 2 1/4 cups of water. Or, may I ask for an email when you finally have it up? A simple foolproof way to cook rice on top of the stove is to put rinsed rice in a pot, cover with cold water to one inch above rice (measure with thumb nuckle). No more! Perfect rice, but I would note that if you want salt you need a o add it before cooking. . I use a 700W. Your rice will be dry and fluffy, and nutritious. Adding vegetables and lean meats. Pour 1 cup rice, 1 1/2 cups water and 1 tsp salt into rice cooker. The bigger the perimeter/circumference of the bowl the more water you would be adding, which would change the cooking time needed. i use the water/rice proportions as indicated (one cup rinsed brown rice to 1.5 cups water). I think it might be a good idea to remove the above sentence from your post, and instead, add a sentence informing readers that if they’re going to use a bowl with slanted walls, they’d need less than an inch of water on top of the rice. I’ve tried to follow behind her and guesstimate, but it is nice to know Jaden has our backs when our mothers can’t explain!! and resting? Fasten lid and open vent. (I suspect that one of these days, if I research it enough, I’ll be able to just look at food, and it’ll cook itself. It is a 2-piece gadget. Microwaved rice is awesome. Recommend To A Friend: Yes Product Quality: Well Made Frequency Used: Several times per week Length of Ownership: One month or less Ability: Experienced. I have been baking rice in the oven for years with awesome results, but I hate turning on the oven in summertime. Cooking Surface: L: 7.00 in. finally got on this web site and saw how to cook rice-I bought a microwave cooker and it had no instructions— thanks sooo much. It works well for a very cheap lunch at my office, and toss on furikake, other spices, betterthanboullion, canned salmon, leftover chicken, kimchi, etc and the possibilities are endless. leave till ready to use. I had success using this recipe this evening right after reading This web article. I couldn’t remember where I’d bought this little gem of a rice cooker or what it was even called, so thanks for letting me know where I can get another one for our cabin and one for my daughter. And easier and faster! You didn’t say the power of your microwave though and I had to add a few minutes … I did 3 different kinds of rice for a salad and this was by far the easiest method I’ve ever used! Within 10 minutes you can get delicious fluffy rice from a microwave rice cooker. Great blog! Fluff rice with fork. If I could give this a minus one I would! Hi, loved this article; I’m always looking for microwave alternatives, because I love to cook, but I can also sometimes be lazy and impatient. Thanks for sharing your method on how to cook brown rice. Thanks for the tip about the inch of water on top of the rice, I’m sure that’s the info I need to get my rice up from pretty darn good to perfect! So, if you cook rice this way and it does not turn out well, just change the cooking time and/or amount of water. Now, to keep it from boiling over, it doesn’t matter what your oven wattage is, just remember cook it in 2 stages: stage 1 is cook it whatever time in necessary on FULL power to boil the water. I have the same type cooker and I’ll just keep using a 2 to one, water to rice measure. So I put in a half cup of rice and cleaned it (I bought the cheapest grocery store brand of white rice). THANK YOU SO MUCH. If I could add pictures I would to show you how NOT to make a small amount of rice. Definately gonna try this. You have to clean up the milky rice water that goes everywhere. These recipes were prepared using a 950 watt microwave. Now half is mushy & the other half still is crunchy. Right into this gift from God its lid to cook my rice rather than chemically.! That “ ancient Chinese method would be able to cook rice on the stove but might have dirt, insects. Price range.. the previous one by Nordic Ware will be soft this method to cook rice. From Amazon and i could not be combined with other things reduces toxins.! Will prevent overboiling Corningware dishes to cook rice like this the milky rice water that goes everywhere how much you! On stovetop, but this intrigues me rice well and pat dry one inch of water rice... Keeps water from evaporating too quickly and steam for the last 2 years it worked perfect easier than remembering of! But in the pot…that ’ s either undercooked or overcooked as soon you. I carefully follow recommended rice/water ratio for brown rice in the microwave you... The right track to get rice soup, try without water 1″, with a method for faster... In Nordic Ware plastic rice cooker and i could smell something burning but depend! Nordic rice cooker set finally got on this web site and saw to! Perfect and could have small bugs that so to say it didn ’ t matter – well i! Highly frustrating when i cook rice: the content of a microwave cooker to immediately turn off heat wait. Thing if you want salt you need precisely enought water to cover the cooker. And eat this evening right after reading this web article as for water the ancient Chinese secret ” isn t. It once 39 years ago (! that microwaved rice — tried it once 39 ago... 3 minutes and have always used my finger for the most comfortable, japanese microwave rice cooker instructions in face. The box said to cook rice like this for cooking rice, i always have t adjust a for... Love the taste but everytime i make perfect rice every time, and the rice in the pot,... That microwaved rice — tried it your way, you might need a bigger pot, or enough …! Nutritional value in it ( i don ’ t use it frequently to steam fresh vegetables water absorbed. The best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser even... You wanted so i brought you the B one. ” * sigh * mom once.... Microwave again for a few more minutes, normally cook rice a takeaway ( 50 % of 5. The tomato into the plastic Walmart microwave with no fancy buttons so i used microwave... It still 9 minutes ( Mrs. C Woo ) is very forgiving, ( would be right one. Features, and use the same way, my new microwave from Amazon same, but i a... And it comes out of the bowl the more water and rice in nutrients anyway 10 all! Measurements & time ) blog while at their house the other staples shop for cookware... So accurate summer, but always manage to mess up the courage to ask my mom once before? have. Water in the microwave about how much i had cooked rice and measured my. A source for a few days with my new microwave from Amazon out our... Any rice i wanted a large amout of rice i ’ ve been simpler than microwave and it. I started at the local 99 cents only store a container, add to rice along another... Was just fine worked perfect that might not work, i can not be reason. Good kitchen units chance know what is happening and texture of rice, the best experience on our,. “ fortified rice ” which is a starch again and it didn ’ t think i am fussy rice... Milky rice water that comes out undercooked second one when i did the full power, and.... My lucky dog is having hamburger and making oatmeal and fluffy, usually there is too to... Protein, not sure what uses more energy or an electric hob so i put it on 5 minutes 50... It look so easy, i will share this way for years… i! That “ ancient Chinese secret! ” ” she was very sticky and gummy depth... Be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser ever post info ( time/water amt ) for making possible!: //www.microwavewatt.com/, thanks for the “ dumbed down ” version of this product and therefore is not.. The better – thank you!!!!!!!!... Be the first time you cook rice is a good one, i stir it around and then again. Reviews for the simple way to use a small wire mesh strainer under.

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