Unlike ETFs which track index’s performance in a long run, CSOP Asset Management Limited operates as an asset management company. Nothing on this website constitutes a solicitation, invitation, recommendation or offer to purchase a product offered by CSOP or any CSOP funds or as the basis for any investment decision. Nasdaq®, are registered trademarks of NASDAQ, Inc. (which with its affiliates is referred to as the “Corporations”) and are licensed for use by CSOP Asset Management Limited. CSOP Hang Seng Index Daily (-2x) Inverse Product 7500.HK, CSOP NASDAQ 100 Index Daily (-2x) Inverse Product 7568.HK(New in HK). Before investment, investors should pay more attention to the liquidity and tracking performance of inverse products to make sure the deal executed at the best price. These are inverse products and are different from conventional ETF. In continuous trending markets, inverse products tend to perform better than the multiple inverse of the benchmark’s cumulative performance. any agent, contractor, third party service provider or any member company of CSOP which provides administrative, telecommunications, computer, marketing, professional or other services to CSOP in connection with its business operations; any person to whom CSOP is under an obligation to make disclosure under the requirements of any law binding on CSOP or any of its member companies or under and for the purposes of any guidelines issued by regulatory or other authorities with which CSOP or its member companies are expected to comply; any actual or proposed assignee of CSOP or participant or sub-participant or transferee of CSOP's rights in respect of the client; and. Both products ranked among the top 10 ETFs/ETPs listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in terms of turnover. To achieve the investment objective of Index Daily (-1x) Inverse Product, the Manager will adopt a futures-based replication strategy through investing directly in the index futures subject to a certain rolling strategy, to obtain the required exposure to the Index. (Source: CSOP). Hong Kong (SAR). 1Source: Bloomberg,from 2001/1/31 to 2019/8/30, 2Source: Bloomberg,from 2001/1/31 to 2019/8/30, Inversion,Can the US stock bull market continue?. The product is to provide investment results that, before fees and expenses, closely correspond to the two times inverse (-2x) of the Daily performance of the Index. Magnify returns in a continuous bear market, Gain higher beta with higher risk tolerance, Ultra-short fluctuations caused by negative news outbreak 7500, However, the index volatility has risen recently due to escalation of Sino-US trade conflict. For the avoidance of doubt, this disclaimer does not create any contractual or quasi-contractual relationship between any broker or other person dealing with the Products and HSIL and/or HSDS and must not be construed to have created such relationship. Thus, the daily tracking difference is usually applied to measure the tracking accuracy of inverse products. Investors should read the offering documents and product key fact statements before making any investment decisions. Investment involves risk and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. Since its listing on May 28, 2019, the average daily turnover of 7500 was HKD 370 million. The purpose of this Statement is to establish the policies and practices of CSOP's commitment to protect the privacy of personal data and to inform you about our responsibilities and your rights under the Ordinance. Unit price may go up or down, including loss of investment principal. any other purposes relating or incidental thereto. 2019.08.22 inversion between 2Y&10Y yield curve occurred despite the rate cut by the Fed. Liquidity Risk Management. / Unique Entity Number: 201814646Z, TRADITIONAL/LONG-ONLY ASSET/PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT, Top 20 Property Agency by Number of Salesperson, Accounting And Corporate Regulatory Authority. Investors should read the funds’ offering documents and product key fact statements for further details including the risk factors. As of 30 Apr, 2019, the rolling 1-year actual average daily tracking difference of 7300 was -0.01%, and the actual average daily TD for calendar year 2018 was  -0.01%. relevant personal data pertaining to former employees may be required by us to fulfill its obligations to the former employees and its legal obligations under certain ordinances. CSOP undertake no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements. Rising concern US recession, 7568.HK ​​for risk hedging. © Copyright CSOP Asset Management Limited. CSOP FTSE China A50 ETF is subadvised by CSOP Asset Management Limited (the “Subadviser”), and distributed by Pacer Financial, Inc, member FINRA, SIPC, an affiliate of Pacer Advisors, Inc. This website contains information about CSOP and the services and products offered by CSOP. A long and stable bull1 market has seen on NASDAQ 100 in the past decade, from its bottom at 1040.52 (2008/11/21) to the recent high at 8027.18 (2019/07/26), with annualized return of 21%. Should the value of the underlying securities of the Index increase, it could have a negative effect on the performance of the Products. Each employee of CSOP must abide by our commitment to privacy in the handling of personal information. 2801-2802 2 Exchange Square 194 RIVERVALE DRIVE, SINGAPORE (540194) Fomerly known as: JVH PAINTING PTE. The inverse products are intended for short-term holding, thus management fees are of less relevance. Therefore, the Manager will use its discretion to carry out the roll-over of the spot month HSI Futures into next month HSI Futures with the goal that, by one Business Day before the last trading day of the spot month HSI Futures, all roll-over activities would have occurred. Unitholders could, in certain circumstances including a bull market, face minimal or no returns, or may even suffer a complete loss, on such investments. Disclaimer. Central If you have accessed this site using a link from another site, CSOP do not accept any liability or responsibility for the accuracy of information contained within the sites of other providers who have links to any pages of this site. Nothing herein should be construed as investment advice nor as comment on the suitability of any investment or investment service. Inverse products invest part of their assets into futures to realize the inverse performance of the benchmark. Please read the relevant offering document carefully, in particular fund features and the risks involved in investing in the fund. The Products are not intended for holding longer than one day as the performance of the Products over a longer period may deviate from and be uncorrelated to the inverse performance of the Index over the period. Capital Markets Services Licensee. HK market starts trading earlier than the US. CSOP Asset Management serves customers worldwide. The products will rebalance its position by the end of trading of the underlying futures market, following the movement of the Index, by decreasing exposure in response to the Indices’ inverse daily gains or increasing exposure in response to the Indices’ inverse daily losses, so that its daily inverse exposure ratios to the Index are consistent with the products’ investment objectives. The Products are designed to be used for short term trading or hedging purposes, and is not intended for long term investment. It hopes to use its Singapore office as a regional base to facilitate and offer clients in the region with investment opportunities in China’s capital market, the release said. If you wish to access to and/or to correct any of your personal data held by us, please send your written request to the address set out below. From the beginning of the year to August 30, the average daily turnover of 7300 was around HKD 200 million. It is not a statutory requirement for you to provide personal data to us. Source:Bloomberg,from 1977/1/31 to 2019/8/28. Rising concern US recession, 7568.HK ​​for risk hedging. CSOP Hang Seng Index Daily (-1x) Inverse Product 7300, CSOP Hang Seng Index Daily (-2x) Inverse Product 7500, CSOP NASDAQ 100 Index Daily (-2x) Inverse Product 7568. However, the index volatility has risen recently due to escalation of Sino-US trade conflict. EVENT 1:Trade conflict escalated in May 2019 after Trump published a twitter on Beijing time 0:08, May 6 (Monday), which was a Sunday noon in the US. Personal data held by CSOP relating to clients will be kept confidential but may be transferred to the following parties (whether within or outside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) for any of the purposes stated above:-.

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