Forceful swimming (placing your rat in water where they can’t feel the bottom or leave on their own) can be very stressful to rats and can even result in drowning. When you tell somebody you have a pet rat, their reaction is typically a lot more muted than when you bring up your puppy or kitten. It won’t cost you a penny more, but it will help keep our furry buddies in toys and treats. They’re squishy, soft, and have extremely boopable snoots. Cedar and pine are soft woods, and the shavings contain phenols which are toxic to rats. Probably not a good idea to give your ratto a credit card, though. Their excellent sense of smell helps them to detect mines buried underground. Males usually get along fine with other males, especially if introduced at a young age or if they are litter mates. Rats are intelligent and social animals that can make wonderful pets. View our privacy policy, Unlock censored pet health information that Google doesn’t want you to read, Keep your privacy secure — we will soon be blocking our content from Google search to ensure your privacy stays protected, Get access to all of Dr. Becker’s health articles, E-books and special reports. Unfortunately, most veterinarians in the United States are trained to be reactive. Forget about a simple wire cage with a plastic igloo in it. There are some types that can swim over a mile at once! No wonder they’re becoming so popular! I am an independent journalist writing an article about pet rats. Try to give off only good energy when you're hanging out with your rat. Plus, when’s the last time you actually fought over a bowl of food? Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. Females go into heat for about 24 hours every four or five days once they reach puberty and may seem agitated or restless during this time. Male rats are generally not aggressive with one another if raised together from a young age. If you ever travel to Nashville, Tennessee, keep an eye out for Bean, the service rat. We are doing everything we can to keep our vet services running during this difficult time. Her goal is to help you create wellness in order to prevent illness in the lives of your pets. Please contact me. While this doesn’t mean you should take your little furry pals swimming anytime soon, some domesticated rats have been known to appreciate diving for peas in shallow bowls of water. In India, rats, shrews and related rodents are worshiped as gods. Also, a breeder is probably your only option if you are looking for a particular coat type or unique color of rat. They are not aggressive, diseased and dirty animals, but in fact are clean, fun-loving, sensitive, very social and affectionate. Maybe it’s because they’re easy to care for, they’re smart and affectionate, and they don’t require a lot of space. Vet Q&A: Does the change in seasons affect pets. Whether you are considering getting a pet rat for yourself or your child or already keep one or more of these lovely little rodents, this article will cover some fun and interesting facts about pet rats that you might not already know! Average lifespan of a pet rat is 18 to 36 months. For how misunderstood they are, rats as pets make amazing companions for a lot of different types of people and living situations. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, The essential guide to taking care of your mind and body. You will also want to look for these traits: If you are observant in your selection, you'll be quite happy with your new companion and have a couple of years of fun. It’s all about your little buddy’s tiny pink tongue.). The nose, eyes, ears, and rear end should be clean and free from discharge. His owner takes him everywhere when he’s out and about… except for restaurants. Rats grind their teeth. But did you know that the color of their teeth is an indication of their age and health? Devotees come in from all over the country to feed them and to pray to them. They’re known to be clever and affectionate pets and anyone who has pet rats will definitely be singing their praises! Take a look at our fun facts … Rats also love being read aloud to, so cozy up with your favorite book and let storytime begin! Look to see if they keep them in appropriate and clean housing with a good diet and handle them regularly. Also, look for stores that house males and females separately to avoid a surprise litter. Rats are social creatures so they do best if kept with another rat or a group of rats. Rat vision is blurry – around 20/600 for normally pigmented rats. All of these things can be signs of, Watch for drooling or wetness around the mouth which can be a sign of. Fact #12: Cedar and pine shavings are unsafe as bedding for rats. The Spruce Pets uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Many rat owners love the curiosity of their pets and compare the companionship of a rat to that of a dog. Best of all, your ratties will love whatever you do and show you all kinds of appreciation for their new digs. Choose a rat with a good temperament but keep in mind that rescued rats may be a little skittish or shy at first. The second reason is vomiting requires two muscles of the diaphragm to contract independently of each other but there hasn’t been evidence of this occurring in rats. You might notice your rat grinding its teeth while at the vet’s office, after fighting with another rat, or during times when it could be feeling pain. Here are some interesting facts about rats that you may not be aware of! Fact #1: Rats have touchy tummies and whiskers. That about rats it up! You might not want to click this one if you’re squeamish. Rats don't have the best reputation and many people see them as dirty, disgusting creatures with long, scaly tails and sharp teeth - however, they couldn't be further from the truth. Brown and house rats have made a number of mammal, bird and reptile species extinct, especially on oceanic islands, according … You won't have to worry about creating a bond with your pet, even if you have several of them. If you want to use an article on your site please click here. .admin-menu { display:none } A Quick Guide to Why Rats as Pets Rule. When choosing a pet rat, try to avoid ones that are panicky when handled, especially if they do not relax quickly. I recommend you have at least two rats so they can keep each other company. All rights reserved. Amy Davis March 30, 2020. Want to learn a bit more about our rodent friends? It's always best to interact with your rat when you're in a good mood and feeling calm. They can recognise other rats and humans they’ve seen before and once they learn how to get somewhere, they’re unlikely to forget the route. Some of the links on this site are from our sponsors. They like to keep themselves clean, their homes clean, and their food clean.

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