In addition, Charlotte Koh has been named as ‎head of digital media and Programming for Hello Sunshine. Byers: Right. And, you know, I think more than ever, like, there's sort of a disconnection and loneliness in people, and a lot of the other ways we used to convene as a community in real life. And I think it's a stretch too far to mobilize, you know, that group around other reasons for them joining the book club. We certainly always look to books, even on the unscripted side. And I do think in, you know, in this crowded marketplace, trusted curatorial voices are increasingly important. Who's on our sets? It starts with representation, but if you really look at the power structures of Hollywood, there's been a structural silencing of both women and people of color and other marginalized voices. I think we've really tried to build that rand love, I guess, and engage that audience in conversation and a big focus for the (MUSIC) next 12 months is deepening that relationship with our book club followers. It's also got its own TV channel on AT&T, and has been the source for many of Witherspoon's films and television shows. And I do think one of the intentions behind building the company is, you know, we're very thoughtful and deliberate. We're gonna fly a book club, and I've been looking at the submissions all morning, to the premier to meet with Celeste and come to the premier in mid-March. People who come together on a Tuesday night over Skype who live in remote areas, but they found their book club online and they do it online. What am I gonna get? But really so much of what we're talking about are things that people are often doing alone, and that sort of, I think what people have a harder and harder time dealing with, which is the amount of time that, you know, 30 strangers are sitting in a cafe, all staring at their phones. You also started a sort of a DirecTV channel, which seems to me like it hasn't been sort of as much of a breakout success as the book club has been. And we're really, I mean, it's so fun. Harden: As well. What's the sort of? But, you know, Reese is, it's a show that's come from her. Female representation and empowerment is Witherspoon's whole business now. Not only does she believe that women should have every opportunity to succeed in media, she actually makes it happen. And, you know, you walk in a bookstore, and I do think it is that trust, and an expectation of when Oprah picks a book. I mean, we actually spent, we're right in the middle of our first show, which we haven't announced yet. And so I think again, from us, books at the center. And we're like, we serve all of you. Because they love her? I think in our part we are saying, "We have to be part of this solution." She's in December thinking, "No one wants to read. But I do think it's been a very common thing for women. But I think we've got something to add to that. And I think the rest of it is very intentionally using whatever power we can garner. I mean, she's everywhere. Byers: So talk to me about the book club. So that allows us to also experiment with talent sometimes and test formats and other things. And I mean, all credit to Reese and Lauren, and you know, equivalent executives, Cynthia Stockhammer on our unscripted business and Claire Curley, who, you know, we hired about six months ago to build our kids and animation slate as well. And I think then engaging that audience in a conversation, and you know, they have got no qualms telling us when they don't love (LAUGH) a selection that we've made, or, "I didn't enjoy it as much as something else.". Dylan Byers: Hey, it's Dylan Byers, senior media reporter for NBC News. Byers: And my guess is they want more than just to follow the Instagram feed or the Twitter feed, that they want more. And then we're really excited about Little Fires Everywhere, which is coming out on Hulu on March 18th. But I do, look, I think there is this, I think they reflect this, like, desire for local community. And I do think, you know, there are many I think vocal voices demanding change. “From the moment I met Sarah Harden, I have been in awe of her vast understanding of business development and digital media brands around specific communities,” Witherspoon said.

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