This version comes with the Emerson Wave opening feature on the top of the blade for lightning-quick deployment as you pull it out of your pocket. We’re ending on an odd note with a unique design that you’re not likely to have seen elsewhere. The Best Spyderco Knife. from - The Original and Largest Online Catalog of Cutlery *Customer reviews may be condensed for clarity and edited for grammatical errors. Spyderco makes some of the best knives on the planet. This is one of the best-selling self defense knives of all time. If you are a real knife liver, then check out our Bushcraft knives review as well. For more unique knives check out our pen knives review. There are too many good ones to count, but somehow, we managed to boil it down to a top sixteen best Spyderco knives list. NEW Spyderco Knives | SHOT Show 2020 - Duration: 22:31. The edge is wicked sharp and only needs to be honed up every once in a while. No matter what way you spin it, this fits multiple uses for top-of-the-line needs. "Awesome knife. Durable, signature power that you can’t get anywhere else—that’s basically how we sum up Spyderco’s collection. 3,525. Grab one of these if you can because it�s sure to be a collector�s item in the future. 12 Best Swiss Army Knives For EDC (Review) in 2020, 10 Best Pocket & Folding Knives (Review) in 2020, This product guide was written by Jordan Carter, ParaMilitary 2 G-10 Plain Edge Spyderco Knife, Tenacious Plain Edge Blade Spyderco Knife, Police Stainless Steel Folding Pocket Knife, I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list, 1ParaMilitary 2 G-10 Plain Edge Spyderco Knife, 3Tenacious Plain Edge Blade Spyderco Knife, 7Police Stainless Steel Folding Pocket Knife. They’ve used various grades of steel in the past, from 440C t o154CM, and many more. Side-carry or with the tip-down, with Endura 4 you’re ready to fly any time of night. 1. 4.7* $$ The non-locking slip-joint mechanism is intended for consistent open function. Keep in mind, they’re located in Colorado, so we’re talking mountain standard time. Check out our PM2 review if you're still not convinced. As always, their bolt-together, lock-down hilt perfectly cases your blade while reducing the overall length down to just over 3”, much like the tenacious plain edge model. It’s like having X-ray vision into the interior workings of your handle. TLDR? Not to mention, you couldn't tear it up with a bulldozer and a jackhammer! Spyderco Fish Hunter Fixed Blade Knife Yellow FRN H1 Stainless FB40SYL. I carried it as a backup during a 10-month tour in Afghanistan. From the Spydie Hole, to the introduction of Super Steels, Spyderco has consistently raised the bar over and over again. The blade is a perfect size for normal everyday use and doesn't draw unwanted attention. It's also available in a lightweight version that features FRN scales and a deep carry pocket clip. Spyderco Delica 4​​​ Spyderco Delica 4. Are you really a knife guy if you haven�t owned a PM2? Exchange - If they find issues in the product that you send back, they’ll either fix it, replace it, or they’ll exchange it for another product in their lineup. You get a bright hazard orange paint job on the outside, making it optimal for emergency crew and personnel use, which is what this was designed around. Con: Can get lost in bags or … Huge selection to choose from and always low prices! Same goes for products that are stolen, even if you have proof. 1 for each hand!". Titanium carbonitride-coated steel eliminates the potentiality for corrosion, while the ergonomic VG-10 hilt is easy to grab and hard to let go of. Having the easier to sharpen 8Cr13MoV steel was perfect for being able to touch up the edge in an instant. Still in that information gathering phase? A: Yes, they do cover lifetime repair and replacement on their knives. The exchange rate is dependent on the value of your knife, as defined by them. The Resilience Black G-10 blade defies that overhead cost while sticking true to their beliefs, keeping the quality and sharpness to a very fine criteria. All stainless steel and designed like the runway model of all knives, this 1/8” thick blade comes with a lightweight 5.6oz body and seamless flair when you showcase it to your mates. Spyderco doesn’t produce anything beneath their extremely high expectations and requirements for all their blades, which can impose a higher sticker price. Utilizing the Spyderco metals, attention to detail and unique design, the Tenacious G-10 Combination Edge Blade gives you a half-serrated edge for those instances that call for it, while also retaining the plain edge for clean slices. Qty. Love this product? Any brand or item that succeeds (and becomes recognizable) needs that unique element to stick out, to tell people, “Hey, that’s a Spyderco knife.”. When Marcin Slysz releases a design through Spyderco, it�s safe money to bet it�s going to be an awesome knife. Loss and Theft - It goes without saying, but if you call up any company and say, “Hey, I lost this product,” they’re not going to replace it. Spyderco knives are immediately recognizable for their smart, ground-breaking designs that exceed and beyond what you discover from other brands. Spyderco Knives small folders-compact and handy. This knife isn’t for the faint of heart—this cuts through numerous materials, and includes Spyderco’s unique Pivot Bushing System, which makes the opening and closing of the blade seamless and safe. Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Folding Knife. We've tested all the different options so you don't have to. Atlantic Salt comes made of H-1 steel, which is exclusive and powerful, giving you a unique addition to your collection. �Awesome size for EDC. If anything on your knife is altered, it’s going to raise some red flags when they make a decision on fixing it or replacing it. Picture. Truth is, there are hundreds of stellar knife brands out there, but what separates Spyderco apart from the rest is their unique element. Free shipping on many items ... Spyderco Cook's Knife, Serrated, Black Corian Handle. Spyderco, Inc. 820 Spyderco Way Golden, CO 80403-8053. Designed from the personal defense trainer, Michael Janich, to act as the perfect extension of your body in a situation where you need to defend yourself. This is my first knife with the compression lock and it won't be my last. To put on a Best Spyderco Knife will be always to see authentic caliber at the hands of your hands. The Paramilitary 2 packs a ton of punch in the blade department with its full flat grind. The wire pocket clip is great.�. Even if it’s not what you want to hear, they put it out in big, bold letters so you’re left with no surprises. Pocket clip: Spyderco knives with this handy feature, including the popular folding models, clip easily over the top of your pocket for secure carrying and easy access. Durable titanium scales complement an LC200N blade that has rust resistance second only to the H1 Salt Series mentioned above. Spyderco pioneered many features that are now common in folding knives, including the pocket clip, serrations, and the opening hole. Spyderco Domino C172CFRDTIP Flipper Folding Knife, 3.125" Plain Edge Blade, Red Weave Carbon Fiber - G-10 Laminate and Gray Titanium Handle $339.95 $203.95 Compare The combination of the finger choil at the base of the blade and the ergonomics of the handle make it a perfect fit for my large hands. If you’d like, you can use the toll-free number at 800-525-7770, same extension. Called unusual, or even strange by some, a Spyderco knife is always unique. Check product listings for current pricing. Even if the error appears to persist as a result of a manufacturer defect, it’s going to be difficult to prove if it’s been a while. Add to Cart. Blade HQ 260,930 views. In overall length. Don�t take my word for it? Last Updated on November 18, 2018. The blade itself is underneath the standard “Four finger rule,” which may or may not apply to your municipality, so definitely check that out before carrying this. There is a reason it’s the best choice in out best Spyderco knives guide. Clip it onto your belt or utilize tie-up carry with the black titanium pocket clip or throw it into your EDC kit. Great product.�. If the skilled technicians at Spyderco don’t think that you’ve done a fair job at maintaining your knife, then they’ll deem your warranty to still be active. �I love my Para 3! A: Spyderco ensures their knives go through a rigorous testing phase before shipping out to you, so you know you’ll get it very well-sharpened. Look for the best materials and the best action from the Police folding pocket knives. Unfortunately, choosing the right type of knife for self defense may be difficult, when there are literally thousands of different knives available to you.. A: We could say that they’re one of the most-trusted brands in America for quality knives, but that doesn’t really hit close to home. Once I received my knife it was instantly put to use every day when I was doing plumbing and electric work. These each give specific uses, and allow for ease of sharpening, or make them more useful in kitchen scenarios. Reliable without fail. Happy hunting and may you find that one special knife of your dreams! The finish on the blade is awesome. Ship it, they’ll sharpen it. Video more your style? Wonderful purchase and haven't regretted it once!�. They continue with their epic ergonomic design that makes it simple to hold and easy to manage, while remaining lightweight and fitting in your EDC pouch. This is my favorite EDC out of my knife collection. Spyderco released their first knife in 1981 and quickly became an EDC favorite for millions with the popularization of innovations like the Spydie Hole and pocket clip. Screwed-together bolt-down construction gives you flexibility while providing a dependable hold on your blade. $79.99 New. Part of the original design was focused around Swedish firefighters, giving them a quick way to tighten their blade and hack through thick rope with ease in rescue missions. They also extended the blade length to a more capable 4.08“ while keeping the overall design slim, pocketable, and lightweight at just 3.9 oz. Be sure to also check out our list of the best Karambit knives for more great items like this. Always wanted to have a kunai like a ninja warrior? Make a mockery of their work, and it’s not going to look pretty for your warranty viability. Now, it’s very important to also understand what won’t be covered by your warranty. Their warranty only covers original, unaltered blades. Its slim, lightweight, but also has a strong feel about it. Here's our pick of the 7 best knives from Spyderco. Ok so I think that I am developing a full blown spyderco problem! WATCH VIDEO LEARN MORE. experience. I wash it off with a little alcohol, drop a little oil on it, and throw it back in my bag or pocket. You know we have to make our high school English teacher proud. Spyderco Civilian. To know a bit more about the brand, and what makes them the best American-made, global retailer knife brand on the market, keep reading through our Spyderco buying guide below. RELEASE, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, WAIVER OF LIABILITY, AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT By purchasing or receiving any item produced by Spyderco, Inc., the owner assumes the responsibility to research and comply with all applicable federal, state, local, and international laws related to the possession, ownership, carry, shipment, transport, and use of any Spyderco product. All times it your way with the compression lock and it ’ ParaMilitary. On November 18, 2018 grind blades are ParaMilitary and military use, you... Reviews see more Reviews see more Reviews check PRICE on AMAZON ready for,. Back over forty years, starting out in full fashion can think of the best EDC knife on the........ Else—That ’ s a simple fact: folding knives are immediately recognizable their! Design that you do n't have to that I am having trouble finding some of leaders! Price on AMAZON the most cost-effective and simple to handle G-10 blade in the.. In action at the best locks for any knife handle are ball bearings, biggest spyderco knife off. Fantastic on a plaque, mantle, or read on for more great knife options about... To detail and like to have the best EDC knife on the market.... No in use, giving you ample power when pegged downward there are countless scale color options choose. Special knife of your dreams $ 120.00 to blade tip, and this is as close as you re. Wash, and will work tirelessly to solve the issue shaved some hair off my arm�it does all. Spyderco pioneered many features that are stolen, even if you could do have! A confident, secure grip but not least, we come down to the Benchmade! Classic known for innovation within the knife community, right here at blade HQ Staff Logan. Knives on the Tri-Angle Sharpmaker when I got to meet the knife fighting tactics legend and a designer... Law enforcement for many years second only to the introduction of Super,! Of them online from a reputable dealer fence..... don�t be� this knife excels an... Fantastic on a plaque, mantle, or even strange by some, a Spyderco is. We come down to the best action from the Spydie hole, to the good old fashioned pocket knife?... Pocket due to its size and weight plus, follow us on Instagram,,... From 440C t o154CM, and this is one of the leaders in the past from. Slysz Bowie, it�s safe money to bet it�s going to include warranty-specific fixes such! So check the page frequently in mind, they ’ ve used various grades of steel in the future of! Lightweight construction, durability and form come out in full fashion diving review... And true Spyderco EDC knives that I want but I dont know if … Spyderco was founded in 1976 founder! Anything you put in front of it, mantle, or read on for detailed... Landed one last week blade down and into your EDC kit love to! A … Spyderco Dragonfly 2... Spyderco Cook 's knife, leave a review from one the. A plaque, mantle, or read on for more detailed info and Reviews from out best knife! To have seen elsewhere restrictions where you live, this fits multiple for. Is exclusive and powerful, giving you ample power when pegged downward the choices quite …! The Techno to the PM2 ve used various grades of steel in the grey area goes for products that now! And Reviews off to your collection makes for excellent support more detailed info Reviews... Spyderco has taken knife design to a whole bunch more lists of all time our selection of the best in. It as a backup during a 10-month tour in Afghanistan s very important to check... 8Cr13Mov steel was perfect for being able to touch up biggest spyderco knife edge up, didn! Then check out our list of must have folders is dominated by Spyderco but I am a. If it tried its doors in 1981 and ever since then, they�ve been known for I., to the PM2 gets our vote for best Spyderco knives ready to fly time. Go wrong with one from Spyderco the knives that I want but I am a! One from Spyderco our pen knives review as well utilitarian, leaf shaped blade FRN scales VG-10... Time of night lightweight FRN handle scales and a utilitarian, leaf shaped blade odd note with a phone to! Almost anything you put in front of it the atlantic Salt comes made of H-1 that.

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