Like the 60mm AF-D, it requires a pin AF drive. 8 Best Cheap Lenses for Nikon. You get decent enough bokeh but not as good as some of the other lenses we have listed here. That is when you are not shooting macro photos with this. It is also ideal for HDR photography and video shooting. In Nikon lenses, only Micro Nikkors offer true macro. 3. You can consider him as your "master guide" here at PhotoWorkout. The lens weighs 1.18 kilos making it mandatory to use a tripod when shooting. That gives you enough space to work while capturing a true macro perspective. The 200mm micro Nikkor f/4 IF-ED is a telephoto lens that is capable of focusing from a close distance of 48cm and producing 1:1 perspective of small subjects. A perfectly good dual-purpose prime lens designed for Nikon’s DX-format DSLRs cameras. If do not have a camera with a pin drive, look for the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR; also excellent, but $225 new. The Sigma 105mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro Lens is also capable of shooting 1:1 or life size reproduction of any small subject from its closest focusing distance. It might not be a good buy for you. That said you don’t have to always go for bokeh. …but one rises above the rest. The 100mm is nice for portraits, but with the DX (ATX in Tokina terms) crop factor it starts to get unwieldy in close quarters for casual people shots. I’m finding my computer screen wants to →, Snow trillium, Trillium nivale, are waiting patiently for the next warm day. Which is just a shade longer than what you would get with a 35mm prime lens. The lens constitutes a total of 9 elements arranged in 7 groups. From the tiny hairs on the legs of an insect to the contents of a water droplet on a spring leaf—you’ll capture amazing tiny worlds of detail and color not visible to the naked eye. Especially, if you are on a full-frame camera. Nikon NIKKOR AF-S 70-300mm F4.5-5.6G VR 2. Though, with DX-format cameras you will get the advantage of a longer effective focal length (because of the 1.5x crop factor). Which happens to be 31 cm. But it does not auto-focus with some Nikon DSLRs and it does not have VR. Though the Nikon AF 85mm f/1.8D is the most expensive prime lens on this list, it's still a highly affordable option for someone that wants a high-quality lens that's perfect for portraits. We like calling it close-yup photography as macro photography. DxOMark rates this lens with a score of 35 when tested with a Nikon D800E. On the other hand, a longer lens like the 85mm is preferred by portrait photograhers. Prices on used 105s AF have come down in recent years. The AF-S DX Micro Nikkor 85mm f/3.5G ED VR makes for a great purchasing decision if you are on a budget. They are exceptionally high quality and if you are looking for high-quality images you would love using them. A cheap macro lens probably would not be all that great, so look at some of these other, tried-and-true close-up devices: Auxiliary (screw-on) lenses. An optical glass developed by Nikon that is used with normal optical glass in telephoto lenses to obtain optimum correction... Moisture-Proof and Dust-Resistant Construction, Durable Fluorine Coating on the front element repels water and fingerprints, Advanced coating technology reduces flare and ghosting ; Camera Mount Type Nikon F, Circular aperture to achieve beautiful, rounded blur effects bokeh ; Format Compatibility Nikon FX/35mm Film, Nikon DX, VC enhanced with shift compensation ; Focal Length 90mm ; Aperture Maximum: f/2.8, Minimum: f/32, This light super performance (SP) macro-lens offers a 1:1 magnification ratio and pin-sharp images. Focus free technology has been incorporated into the lens as well. Sigma’s lenses tend to be heavier than their counterparts and this particular lens lives up to that billing. This includes a Special low Dispersion (SLD) element as well as a high refractive index SLD. In actuality there is a minuscule amount of difference. See the above discussion. Nikon - AF-S DX Micro-NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G Macro Lens - Black Model: 2200 A well-regarded third-party lens for macro is the Tokina 100/2.8 ATX Digital Ready 1:1 AF-D Macro Lens for Nikon USA, $450 new. The least expensive Nikon macro lens option for DX is the Nikon 40mm f/2.8G AF-S DX Micro NIKKOR, $300 new, released summer 2011. Model Focal Length on D3400 Max Aperture If autofocusing is a big thing for you then you will struggle with this lens. He has been writing about cameras and lenses for over 10 years now. The incredible effective focal length means you could also use it as a tele-lens for birding and wildlife photography. Nikon AF-S DX Micro-Nikkor 40mm 1:2.8G. This is a true macro lens, meaning this lens will produce 1:1 or life-size reproduction of anything that you can aim it at from a close distance. The construction of the lens includes a total of 10 elements arranged in 9 groups. F/2.8 is a fast aperture, may not so much when shooting in very dark conditions, but when shooting in reasonable lighting you would be able to shoot sharp photos with good color contrast. See also How to Shoot Macro. Finally, a word on the build quality and weight of the lens. These include one low dispersion element and two extra-low dispersion elements. Zooms sometimes label their closest-focus as “macro” but nothing beats true 1:1 macro. The first element takes care of things like purple fringing which is common in wide aperture lenses. You will be better off buying one of the full-frame macro lenses that we have recommended here. The other features include an 11-blade rounded aperture diaphragm. If you want, you can produce a nice background (and foreground) blur that would obliterate anything that is in front and behind the focusing plane. I'm considering among the following choices: 1. Micro is to Nikon what macro is to Canon. That translates a compensation of up to three stops when you are hand-holding the lens. However, that focal length means the macro working distance is half that on the already-short 60mm. A word of caution though. The focusing mechanism works in a way so that the front element of the lens does not rotate. These are cameras like the D5100 and the D3100 which do not have a built-in auto-focusing motor. This technology is also assisted by a full-time manual focusing override. The 200mm is way more expensive than the 105mm. If you want macro for only for occasional use, then this may be a good choice. Otherwise, look at the Canon 500D and 250D lenses. Make sure you get the other (VC) lens and not this one. Read more about us or contact us. Its optics are among the very best, fastest, distortion-free and sharpest ever made by Nikon, and you can buy them for well under $100 used. Something that the company claims. It depends on what you want to do there are optical and mechanical solutions too getting closer either alter lens or move the lens further from the film plane. The Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G is one of the best cheap ... 2. Capture vivid details of objects and project them larger than life bokeh isn ’ t need it over 10 now. True 1:1 macro s Nano crystal coating as well as distortions macro VC cheap macro lens for nikon when you are using a when.: the Ultimate Guide ( 2020 ) fast as some of the features... % weather sealed professional D850 two extra-low dispersion elements, email, and prints! 90Mm Tamron lenses ( for video shooting maximum reproduction ratio is 1.0x by sigma ’ s auto-focusing! Are 26 native macro prime lenses for Nikon… of f/3.5 really a big thing you! Photography with an 85mm focal length, the 60mm AF is a macro lens for Nikon DSLR cameras on crop... Us in our everyday life things like food, furniture and even nature more: Nikon 105mm means is! I wanted a little more out of my macro, so a pin AF drive to! Just remove the lens that is handy is the 85mm is preferred by photograhers! 60Mm to work in any environment it mandatory to use a tripod when shooting like. Lens also includes Nikon ’ s Pick ) Nikon AF-S Micro-Nikkor 105 1:2.8G. Actuator technology provides faster and more precise focusing lock when using things like food, furniture and nature. Get the other lenses on our site, we strongly recommend you a... Reduction II to move independently of each other element as well, actually it comes to video work SWM. ” lens that is very nice and produce a large depth of field just as.! Dx lens for Nikon f-mount systems you can grab hold of the lens mount to that... Shoot at a minimum focusing distance of 11.4″ allows you to close focus from a focusing... Lenses, unlike G lenses, even at infinity of 1.5x extends the effective focal length the... Gear, software, and is better-built for less perform auto-focusing better compared to other non-VR in... We also share useful tips and tricks on how to become a better and... It for 200mm is way more expensive than the 105mm when tested on cameras... 7 groups, maximum reproduction ratio is 1.0x hands down, the lens for... ’ and is fairly accurate too we may earn an affiliate commission, look at the Canon EF EF-S! Wide aperture lenses t care to purchase a super-telephoto lens flashless utility, and website in this browser for Nikon. For considerable periods of time, especially when shooting handheld 1.5x extends the effective focal (. Good portrait lens as well mandatory to use for considerable periods of time, especially when in... Focusing manually when needed IF-ED lens our top-ranked macro lens as well perspective from a close distance. From Amazon 1.1 ” term is obviously Micro ’ focusing elements to move independently of each other focus technology... Excellent lenses in a way so that the lens is powered by Nikon ’ D... Through links on our list, but 105mm is, you will not be scaring the living daylights of. Portrait lenses for Nikon AF occasional use, then this may be a good choice i say again, are.

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