Molecular equation K2SO4(aq) + Ba(NO3)2(aq) →BaSO4(s) + 2 KNO3(aq)? This equation represents a double displacement (replacement) reaction, also called a metathesis reaction, in which the reactant ions exchange places to form new products. BaCl2 + H2SO4 + C2H5OH = BaSO4 + C2H5Cl + H2O; BaCl2 + H2SO4 + C2H6O = BaO4S + C2H5Cl + H2O; BaCl2 + H2SO4 + H2O = BaSO4*2H2O + HCl; BaCl2 + H2SO4 + H2O = H3O + Cl + BaSO4; BaCl2 + H2SO4 + MnO2 = BaSO4 + MnSO4 + H2O + Cl2; BaCl2 + H2SO4 + Na2SO3 = BaSO4 + SO2 + NaCl + H2O; BaCl2 + H2SO4 + NH4OH = H2O + BaSO4 + NH4Cl The full ionic equation of this reaction shows soluble ionic compounds as separate ions: Ba 2+ + 2 NO 3- + 2 Na + + SO 42- → BaSO 4 (s) + 2 Na + + 2 NO 3- This is the complete ionic equation. Barium and sulfate ions react to form barium sulfate precipitate, and the sodium and nitrate ions are unchanged - they are spectator ions.

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