The band are in New Zealand for two massive gigs at Auckland's Mount Smart Stadium - the opening two nights of their Joshua Tree Tour.
Looking forward to what they have up their sleeves for tomorrow night'. In 2017, U2 celebrated 30 years since the release of their iconic The Joshua Tree album with a worldwide concert tour. During Ultra Violet in the encore, names and faces of influential and important women are shown on the giant video screen.

Just when I thought I was too old to do this, we camped. What a blessing!" He speaks about strength and solidarity and shares that some of the people from that terrible event are here in the crowd tonight. After meeting Adam and The Edge on Wednesday evening after their rehearsal i was already on a high!! U2 are a band who have eyes wide open on many issues around the world and know what to do for their fans ''on and off'' stage. Only a couple of weeks to go now and getting very excited. What do we got for Christchurch tonight?" I reached out to the band's reps for comment on this, and I'll keep you updated. こちらでは、U2の来日公演2019の日程や会場、チケット&座席情報などについてまとめた。U2の13年ぶり6回目の来日公演が決定した。名盤「ヨシュア・トゥリー」の完全再現を行うことが発表されているが、チケットは高額&種類豊富でどこをえらべばいいのか? Bring it on for another super concert guys!!

Speaking at their Berlin concert, he made it seem like it might be bye bye from the Dublin boys: The quote came from Twitter account @U2gigs which follows all of the band's tours and concerts. 'U2 frontman Bono has paid a touching tribute to his former roadie Greg Carroll. But Friday just took me to another place!! Not only is he controlling that knife edge feedback crescendo and those crunching chords, he's also doing the background whoops on vocals. Totally loved Friday nights show and the trip down memory lane with a few of the classic oldies, the into one of best Albums of all time and hearing the whole of The Joshua Tree live, rounded out by a number of other defining tracks from your career. After years of hearing them on record and perhaps not fully registering, it sinks in what an amazing guitarist he is.

Welcome to the home of Europe's Premiere U2 Tribute Show - U2UK U2UK have won the hearts of U2 fans all over by performing in Europe and beyond, including U2's after show party at the Heineken Stadium for two consecutive nights on the Dutch leg of the Vertigo Tour. Having played to packed arenas for many years, U2 have honed their live show. I should've waited 2 years as it's closer to home now :D
Such a beautiful sound and after 40 years still so powerful, the energy!! New Year’s Day 4. And if their music doesn't make you go "wow" then the fact that their line up has remained the same all those years age probably will. Just have to amuse myself for 15 days between shows, Can't wait. "Thank you for having us back in your country [and] in your lives." The band's strength in the last few years has been tested as its members faced multiple health issues. Hope to catch up for a Hello Hello :) So, thanks to that signs, Mullen, Bono, The Edge, and Adam Clayton all got the chance to become literal superstars. Before the last song Bono takes a moment to reflect on the events in Christchurch this past March. ', —Alex Behan for - read in full here. Some of the survivors of the attacks were in attendance as the huge screen lit up with the names of those who were killed and the band played 'One'. Bad 5. A night to let go of some things and hold on to others.". The question is, though, will U2 tour the UK in 2019? However, according to their website, nothing has been announced yet.

I went with my son - Joshua. Helen Clark, Kate Sheppard and our current Prime Minister of course but also Ākenehi Tōmoana, a strong advocate for women from the century before the century before this one. Got to see the 2017 tour in Seattle and Dublin. Lucky enough to see this show in Rome and Dublin in '17. The Joshua Tree is to rock and roll what the Chanel suit is to women’s couture. Sunday bloody sundaaaay. THE U2 TRIBUTE SHOW..

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